Down Cathedral, Downpatrick

Great Swell (Enclosed) Choir Pedal
Double Open Diapason16 Open Diapason8 Rohr Flute8 Open Diapason16 A
Open Diapason I8 Lieblich Gedackt8 Spitz Principal4 Sub Bass16 B
Open Diapason II8 Gamba8 Wald Flute4 Octave8 A
Stopped Diapason8 Principal4 Quint1 1/3 Flute8 B
Octave4 Dulciana Sesquialtera 12.15.17III Blockflute2 Fifteenth4 A
Sesquialtera 12.17.19III Mixture 22.26II-III Cimbel 29.33.36III MixtureIV (Gt)
Super Octave2 Contra Oboe16 Cremona8 Trumpet16
Full Mixture Trumpet8
Mixture 22.26.29III Swell to Choir Choir to Pedal
Tremulant Great to Pedal
Gt & Ped Combs Coupled Octaves Alone Swell to Pedal
Choir to Great Octave
Swell to Great

Builder: ?
Installed: Woffington, Dublin, 1802
Enlarged: Hull, Dublin, 1819
New: Telford, Dublin, 1854
Repairs: Telford, Dublin, 1874 & 1896
Rebuilt: Harrison & Harrison Ltd, Durham, 1914
Rebuilt: Harrison & Harrison Ltd, Durham, 1966
Overhaul & Mixtures Recast: Wells-Kennedy Partnership Ltd, Lisburn, 1987

Source - AGMcC 3/1996

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